The ticket is nominal: the name on the ticket and the identity document must match; otherwise you will not be able to access the concert.
We decline all responsibility in case of purchase of tickets outside the authorized ticketing circuits indicated on this page.
By purchasing tickets outside our channels, it is possible to incur overcharged prices or fake tickets.
If an inspection by the personnel in charge reveals any irregularities, the ticket may not be considered valid.
Remember that the law punishes the manufacturers and dealers of counterfeit tickets.
The ticket is valid only if intact and legible in all its parts

The concerts will take place also in case of rain, unless otherwise indicated by the competent authorities.
If the concert will run smoothly for a duration of at least 45 minutes, there will be no refund of the ticket in the event of cancellation.

A refund of the ticket (excluding the booking fee and related charges) can be requested from the retailer and/or authorized circuit where the ticket was purchased.

It will be possible to access the concert only by purchasing a new ticket as per the relevant law.

Admission is free for children up to … years of age, from … years of age it is necessary to purchase a regular ticket and the presence of a parent.
Minors up to … years old will be able to attend the show, only if accompanied by an adult. Free admission up to 10 years, accompanied by an adult with a regular ticket

The spectator could also be accidentally photographed, filmed or recorded: with the purchase of the ticket he gives his consent in the event that such material is then used for promotional or informational purposes, after the event.
It is also forbidden to photograph, record, film the shows in compliance with the rights of the artists.

A dedicated area has been set up. It is a limited space, therefore access to only one companion is foreseen. Booking procedures:
disabled spectators, after purchasing the ticket from the authorized reseller circuits and who need a companion, must send an e-mail to

with the subject “request for DISABLED ACCESS accreditation” specifying:
– day, name and place of the Show;
– disabled name and surname;
– address;
– email;
– telephone contact;
– name and surname of the companion
and attaching a copy of the certificate of disability and identity card.
They will then receive a booking confirmation email.
On the evening of the concert, the free ticket can be collected at the accreditation desk (the personnel in charge may ask again for an identity document, certificate of disability), and the entrance ticket purchased from our authorized pre-sale circuits.

*in case of doubt, the text and the conditions in Italian are considered legally binding

Surrounded by the sea, in the city center, in the heart of the Port of Genoa: Goa~Boa takes place in Porto Antico_Arena del Mare.

Located at the end of via Magazzini del Cotone, in the Old Port of Genoa, the Arena del Mare offers a splendid view – especially at sunset – of the port and the Lanterna.


Doors and Ticket Office: as indicated on the entrance ticket.


Inside the Porto Antico area there are ample covered and uncovered parking spaces, including spaces for the disabled.
For the Siberia, Cannoniere, Autosilo and Gadda car parks: flat rate from 20.00 to 03.00; other solutions are also available with other rates.


The Arena del Mare can be reached in a few minutes on foot from the historic center and from the bus and underground stops that pass through Piazza Caricamento.
Railway station : Principe (10 minutes on foot and 2 metro stops)
Motorway exits : Ge-Ovest and Ge-Est (depending on where you come from). Then continue towards the “city center”.
Calculate your route here  (with destination: Genoa, Turati/ Metro S.Giorgio) at this link:


Here is all the information you need to ensure you don’t arrive unprepared for the Festival evenings:
Given the high temperatures these days, we invite you to wear suitable clothing. We remind you that Goa~Boa will have to be a party for everyone, so we invite you to avoid long queues, especially for those with pressure problems or for those who suffer particularly from the heat.
At the Ticket Office there is a cloakroom service, where you can deliver helmets and other material that may not be allowed inside the Festival area.
Public access to the Arena del Mare takes place only through Via Magazzini del Cotone.
Upon reaching the first gate, the public will be directed to the respective access points provided.

The gates are located at the end of Via Magazzini del Cotone. After your ticket has been checked, you will be admitted inside the area.

The ticket office is located at the end of Via Magazzini del Cotone.
The influx of the public will be allowed in small groups to allow an optimal functioning of the service. To avoid queues and the risk of being sold out, advance purchase is strongly recommended.

(Guestlist/Press Accreditation, Competitions..):
The accreditation box is located at the end of Via Magazzini del Cotone. After verifying your personal details, you will receive a pass valid for entry.


It is recommended to arrive at the venue well in advance.
Personal checks and searches are foreseen: the security officers are at your service, collaborate with them!
In collaboration with the Events and Communication Office of Porto Antico di Genova SpA we inform you that:

Goa-Boa in complete safety

  • Introducing  suitcases, trolleys, bags and backpacks larger than 15 liters in capacity;

  • introducing helmets;

  • introducing beverages contained in cans or bottles larger than 0.5 liters (plastic  bottles with a capacity of less than 0.5 liters without a cap are permitted);

  • introducing spray cans (including mosquito repellent, deodorant, sunscreen);

  • introducing alcoholic beverages of any strength;

  • introducing or possess drugs, poisons, noxious substances and flammable material;

  • introducing animals of any kind and size;

  • introducing all kinds of blunt objects (selfie sticks and tripods, umbrellas and rods);

  • introducing pens and laser pointers;

  • introducing drones and remote controlled airplanes;

  • musical instruments and stadium trumpets;

  • introducing iPads and tablets;

  • Introducing  bicycles, skateboards, skates and overboards;

  • introducing or possessing weapons, explosive materials, pyrotechnic devices, smoke bombs, flares, stones, chains, knives or other sharp or cutting objects;

  • introducing audio/video recording equipment (professional cameras, video cameras, GoPro).

  • Entering and staying while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs;

  • Displaying material that hinders the visibility of other spectators or that interferes with the emergency signs or that, in any case, is an obstacle to the escape routes towards the exits;

  • Carrying out any kind of commercial activity that has not been previously authorized, in writing, by the organizers;

  • Carrying out aggressive acts towards the personnel in charge of the control;

  • Damaging or tampering with the plant’s structures, infrastructures and services in any way;

  • Climbing on balustrades, parapets, partitions and other structures not intended for the permanence of the public;

  • Staying on access and escape routes and on any other escape route